Trolley DTP-200R

Trolley for easy transport of furniture boards around the workshop.


The trolley is designed for transporting and loading furniture boards. It enables you to take the board from the vertical position, tilt it to the horizontal position and freely load it onto the trolleys of format saws, tables of milling machine tables and work tables. The trolley also enables you to load boards on vertical panel saws. Thanks to the multi-directional rollers, the removal of the boards is very easy.


● Thanks to the worm gear used, the trolley can lift furniture boards weighing up to 200 kg.
● Possibility to pick up boards in the range of 35 - 330 mm above the floor - you can pick up the board directly from the floor level and from dedicated trolleys for transporting and storing furniture boards
● The surface of the sloping frame in direct contact with the transported panel is covered with felt tape. This protects the boards from damage.
● The feet of the sloping frame on which the board rests are covered with rubber - this protects the board edge against damage and guarantees stability of the board on the trolley
● The frame has a tilt lock - releasing the lock allows you to gently tilt the frame with the plate to a horizontal position
● Blickle wheels ensure easy rotation and turning when starting and transporting the slab
● Possibility of locking the inclined frame in a horizontal position - the trolley can be used as a table for processing large format boards
● The height of the frame position when it is horizontal is adjustable - the range of height from the floor in the range of 850 - 950mm
● All mechanical parts exposed to abrasion are galvanized
● Other elements of the construction are powder coated in the colors of our brand
● High aesthetics of individual elements and the entire structure

Wózek DTP-200R

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