Joinery press SKP

A press based on compensation clamps, designed for gluing construction wood for carpentry, e.g. stair treads, furniture tops, window sills, doors, etc.


Joiner's press which uses compensating clamps whose greatest advantage is the simultaneous compression and levelling of the glued material. The device combines the functions of a gluing press and a work table. The clamps can be easily removed from the frame without unscrewing the screws, thanks to which we can quickly transform the press into a working space. The removed clamps can be placed in a special magazine located in the lower part of the press. The upper frame with clamps can be tilted to reduce the space occupied when the plywood is waiting for bonding or the device is not in use. The tilting of the frame with clamps is facilitated through the use of gas cylinders. The position of the clamps on the frame with the possibility of smooth sliding and locking every 50 mm. Perforated top with 20 mm fi holes spaced every 100 mm. The press has four swivel wheels, two of which are locked. Our compensating clamp ensures that the glued slats are pressed together and aligned at the same time. Thanks to the use of a mechanism with profiled tendons of a certain length during compression, the clamp profiles remain straight, keeping the plywood flat. The press is intended for both hobbyists and professionals. No traditional clamp will provide as much pressing force as our compensating clamps. The press is manufactured entirely by our company in Poland.


  • Length of glued elements - 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 mm
  • Loading width of glued elements - 1100 mm
  • Thickness of glued elements - 25 - 110 mm
  • Number of compensation clamps - 4, 6, 8 pcs.
  • Is the press equipped with a worktop? - YES
  • Is the press equipped with a magazine for clamps? - YES

SKP L1500

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SKP L2000

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SKP L2500

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SKP L3000

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