Pneumatic joinery press PPC

The press is based on pneumatic membranes that generate the pressure for the glued material. Designed for gluing wood for construction carpentry, e.g. stair treads, furniture tops, window sills, doors, etc.


The press is designed for gluing wood into boards and thickness, i.e. worktops, square timber, beams, stair steps, window sills, seats, and joinery construction elements. The PPC3000 press has a single working area. The pressing clamp consists of four pneumatic pressing sections. The pressure is generated by four pneumatic diaphragm, actuators, controlled by valves with hand levers. The clamping force of the pneumatic actuators is entirely regulated by air pressure. The press is equipped with mechanical clamps levelling the glued surface. Trapezoidal screws locked with a gear are used in the clamps. The use of such a solution guarantees even pressure distribution over the entire width of the plywood. Even with narrow gluing, there is no need to fill the clamp with spacers, which is necessary for single-point clamps. Clamps mounted on bearings move freely on the upper and lower tracks. Storage boxes located on the right and left side of the press provide space for levelling clamps when using the full range of gluing lengths. Hinged storage boxes allow you to easily reduce the size of the device for transport and when moving around the plant. For plywood narrower than 1100 mm, adjustable bottom supports are used. The use of rear tilting supports enables the rapid changeover of the press for gluing using the maximum width. A movable control panel that can be mounted on the right and left side of the press. All devices manufactured by us are of high quality. We maintain the highest level of precision of reliability of dimensions and flat surfaces. Over thirty years of experience in steel processing guarantees our professional approach and the performance of each component of our devices. The manufacture of each device takes place entirely within our plant. The absence of any need to cooperate with external companies guarantees quality control and parameters at every stage of production. We invite you to visit our production facility to evaluate our products.

Option to purchase the PPC3000-PKR variant


PPC press in standard configuration:

  • Length of glued elements - 3000 mm
  • Width range of glued elements - 100-1170 mm
  • Range of glued element thickness - 20-160 mm
  • Working pressure - 0.8 MPa
  • Applied pressure - 0.2-1 MPa
  • Adjustment of gluing width - every 75 mm
  • Pressing sections - 4 pcs.
  • Screw levelling sections with gear - 6 pcs.

We also produce PPC presses according to individual customer requirements. We adjust the length, width and thickness of gluing as well as additional functions in accordance with the customer's requirements.

PPC 3000 H1250

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PPC 3000 H1250 PKR

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