Joinery press type PSW

The joinery press designed for gluing wood in the form of, among others, furniture worktops, stair steps, window sills. Due to the possibility of hanging it to the wall, it is perfect for smaller carpentry workshops and hobbyist workshops.


The press is designed for gluing wood in slightly smaller carpentry workshops or for enthusiasts of wood crafts. The press has a standard loading field with 4 screw clamps. Clamps mounted on bearings move freely on the frame. Lower and upper pressure clamps with the possibility of shifting the position at 75mm intervals. The press is equipped with 2 front clamps, levelling the glued surface. All the components are precision made as a result of the use of laser cutting for all elements of the device. The frame has been painted using the powder coating method, which positively improves its mechanical resistance.


  • Length of glued elements - 2000, 2700, 4000 mm
  • Loading width of glued elements - 1225 mm
  • Thickness of glued elements - 18 - 110 mm
  • Screw pressure sections - 4, 6, 8 pcs.
  • Screw levelling clamps - 2, 3 pcs.


PSW type presses with different parameters are manufactured to the specific requirements of the customer.

PSW 2000 4+2

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PSW 2700 6+3

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PSW 2700 8+3

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PSW 4000 8+3

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