Shelf trolley SLP-NH

Universal shelf painting trolley.


The trolley can be used single-sided and double-sided. It is only required to load it from one side, the shelf arms are turned and mechanically locked in one direction. When it is required to increase the amount of stored materials on the shelf, or the length of the item, to be transported is large, the trolley can be easily converted into a double-sided version. It is sufficient to unlock the position of the arms, set them in the double-sided mode and mechanically lock the position of the arms.


  • 15 horizontal shelves
  • 14 horizontal shelves made of galvanized pipe that can be removed to increase the space between the shelves
  • 14 rubber coated shelves
  • spacing between shelves 100 mm
  • depth of each shelf 500mm
  • adjustable trolley width ranging from (330 - 1600mm)
  • possibility of adjusting the spacing of the columns by means of a scissor mechanism
  • very large spacing adjustment
  • strong, tool-free spacing locks by eccentric clamps
  • trolley depth 746 - 1340 mm
  • trolley height with wheels 1950 mm (when using 125 mm diameter wheels)
  • load capacity of the trolley up to 200 kg
  • stable and strong construction of each trolley
  • high aesthetics


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